This is Tiny Toaster, a place for my music and services.

I am Peter Toriello. I compose, mix, record, produce, master, and otherwise create or manipulate music.


Listen to mixes, compositions, and other examples of my music and services.

Mixes and Remixes




I can provide mixing, remixing, mastering, composition/scoring, songwriting, performance, instruction, and many other music-related services. Click here to listen to some examples of my work or click here to contact me with any requests or questions.

About Me

First and foremost, I love music deeply. I love to mix it, play it, compose it, produce it, record it, and be involved with it in any way possible.

I have been playing guitar since I was 12, moving from progressive/classic rock to jazz and funk to hard rock to mostly acoustic rock and between. I started a solo acoustic "plus" concept after dealing with a rather large acoustic band (and all that came with a large band), wanting more freedom of expression, arrangement, and styles.

I attended Berklee College of Music from 1989-1993 studying Composition and Recording.


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